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Living Walls

We at Harlow garden services are proud to be an accredited installer of the Scotscape living wall system.

An excellent addition to any garden but particularly useful in smaller spaces, living walls can be installed as a “one off” job, or alternatively, our customers can sign up for a long term maintenance package.

With numerous options with regards to installation selection and irrigation choice there is no space of which cannot accommodate this system. From very dark shady areas to exposed sunny sites we can customise plant selection to our customers wants and needs.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal living walls are proven to provide many benefits such as:

  • Improving air quality by reducing pollution
  • Reducing the “urban island effect”
  • Provides great insulation
  • Improves biodiversity
  • Acoustic benefits (i.e. dampens traffic noise)

A living wall is a great addition to any forward thinking garden design.


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