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Wildflower Turf

Harlow Garden Services Ltd are accredited members of the Wildflower Turf Company. We try to encourage the use of Wildflower Turf in as many gardens as possible, it can be used in natural wild looking gardens or even in formal gardens to add a contrast. This is a very easy way to add lots of colour and wildlife to the garden.

Once established it has the added advantage of requiring very little maintenance. It will not require fertilising and only needs cutting in the autumn. During establishment it would need to be watered but after that little watering is required. Weeding should not be necessary due to the weed blanket affect of the turf.

The wildflower turf consists of a roll with various wildflowers and grasses – usually 50% Wildflowers and 50% Grasses. They generally flower on a bi annual basis so the flowers vary each year. Changing colours throughout the year can be achieved with Wildflower Turf allowing for the creation of stunning wildflower meadows. The flowers in the turf mixes have been carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn.

We are proud cooperate members of the Essex Wildlife Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the Butterfly Conservation. Please see below some examples of our Wildlife Turf.

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